On 7/6/2011 01:25, Bj Raz wrote:
> No, I'm on linux, building an environment that will make a another
> envronment that I will use on Windows.

In that case, try strace to see why it isn't starting. I thought you
don't have Linux running because its "too new".

>>>>>> One would assume you already have a working cross compiler, or some
>> GCC
>>>>>> installed on Windows, when you said:
>>>>>> """
>>>>>>> Cause I'm not building for linux, I'm building so i can have better
>>>>>> Windows
>>>>>>> utilities, cause I can't get a Linux distro that will run on my
>>>>>> hardware.
>>>>>>> Its too new! So I'm making one...
>>>>>> """
>>>>>> I mentioned Cygwin and Interix because mingw-w64 doesn't have any Unix
>>>>>> translation layer to handle filename sensitivity that you will need
>>>>>> later on. mingw-w64 on mingw-w64 hosted GCC is at most a dead end for
>>>>>> you if you want to cross from Windows to Linux.
>>>>>> Please describe clearly what you are planning to achieve, what system
>>>>>> you are running, and how it is related to mingw-w64 clearly.
>>>>> I figured I'd start to worry about that once I finally have a working
>>>>> compiler built on Windows to cross back to Linux.
>> In this case, you can't do it the LFS way, afaik, GLIBC requires you to
>> build it on a case sensitive FS, that leaves out mingw hosted
>> toolchains, unless you're going to copy debian/ubuntu glibc tarballs for
>> the glibc components.
> I'm not building with glibc, I'm using msvc in my build. So I can compiler
> Windows '.exe's' on linux.
> Which regardless of the ranlib error the c compiler works fine when I use
> it. though I'd prefer not having the ranlib error.
> Cause when I start to try and build c++ it doesn't work.

So, you're trying to build GCC that targets windows, and runs on
Windows, but you're on Linux? Please explain clearly your goals.

If you want your cross GCC to run on Linux, you should never be using
cross binutils to build cross GCC in the first place.

If you are really building cross gcc to target win64 hosted on Linux,
please refer to
for help on building. Its a bit old but should get you the basics, just
forget about LFS, since most of it won't apply to mingw-w64 anyway.

>>> Does anyone think I should install the crt earlier in the process? Like
>> when
>>> I build the api I also build the crt.
>> What API? The CRT should be built after you get a bootstrap GCC. Please
>> just use the documented process, you don't need to make things so hard.
> the api is: mingw64api

There isn't such a thing, maybe you mixed it up with mingw.org's w32api?

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