On 10/16/16, David Wohlferd <d...@limegreensocks.com> wrote:
> config.guess files downloaded from the current automake build tree.
> sezero has been checking in these beta versions, but no one seems to
> know why (and he hasn't responded to explain).

There are no beta or release versions of config.guess/config.sub, they
just are what they are. The ones included in automake-1.15 just happen
to be current at the time automake-1.15 was released. I usually update
them from git://git.sv.gnu.org/config.git in all my projects.

There is no immediate benefit or harm in [not] doing so, although when
cross-compiling on a weird platform, it is good to have the latest.

I have no objections if you or anyone else wants to replace them with
the ones from automake-1.15.


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