I don't want to re-launch this thread while another one is now more
current but my (short) comment felt more appropriate here.

On Sun, Oct 09, 2016, David Wohlferd wrote:
> On 10/3/2016 10:31 PM, Adrien Nader wrote:
> > I quickly went through the diff and I've found the following:
> >
> >>   +    amd64:MSYS*:*:* | x86_64:MSYS*:*:*)
> >>   +       echo x86_64-unknown-msys
> >>   +       exit ;;
> > There are also changes that could be related to ARM support ("earm").
> >
> > Oh and iOS and ASM.js but I think they don't matter much to us (although
> > maybe we'll soon have that portable POSIX environment in javascript and
> > we'll build boost with it).
> >
> > Most of the diff is either quoting or removed and added platforms but
> > there are also a couple other changes.
> You are reading it backward.  Since the version of config.guess that is 
> checked in is the beta, when I 'downgrade' it to the released version 
> (1.15), it adds back the things the beta removed.
> IOW, the beta doesn't "add" support for amd64:MSYS*:*:*, it's removing it.

I'm actually not reading it one way or the other: I am saying that the
code is changed so there can be a difference for an environment we know
is used to build mingw-w64.

It's now been two weeks and there has been no comment from the
interested party which we know reads this mailing-list. I think we can
safely conclude it is safe to go on without specific consideration for
that case since both versions seem to be fine.

Adrien Nader

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