On 2017/8/15 3:22, Adrien Nader wrote:
On Mon, Aug 14, 2017, niXman wrote:
Norbert Pfeiler 2017-08-14 18:19:
What do you want the contents to be? (regarding it currently shows 2
I usually update Msys2 and Arch where only 1 version applies.

will be better if you explain how I can update this myself.

Scroll to the bottom, click login/register, fill in and validate the
form, check your emails.

When I click the Register button the page reloads and nothing happens thereafter.

Edits on some pages require me to add editors
to a specific group, this is the case for the download pages so you have
to tell me or Jonathan about your username.
After login you will get edit buttons on the right of the content (both
a button for the whole page and one per content section).

I would like such an account but I am still struggling with creating one...

Best regards,

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