Alternatively, we can skip the whole "what constitutes 1.0" discussion and do the fashionable thing: just make version 0.26 into version 26. :)

On 13/10/16 09:59, Daniel van Vugt wrote:
My personal view is that we should drop this discussion.

We have been mindful of reducing ABI breaks for years but that gets
trumped by the need to implement missing features etc.

Mir code landings have been extremely active recently, with thousands of
lines changing every day or so. And to me that's the opposite of what
would be happening near a maturation milestone.

I think we should let maturation happen organically. When the changes
slow down and when we actually haven't broken ABIs for a while, that
would be the right time to have this discussion.

- Daniel

On 07/10/16 23:24, Alan Griffiths wrote:
On 04/10/16 09:03, Daniel van Vugt wrote:
This email thread is a mess. Please enable comments in the doc.

Also I suggest making this a public discussion (CC'd).


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