Good news everyone! The experimental documentation repository at now builds again, and has been refreshed to the latest 
set of libraries assembled from the MirageOS3 dev remote at

As a reminder, this has become the unofficial "trove" since it attempts to 
build all the libraries in one OPAM install instruction:

and then uses odig to build the aggregate documentation set. This can also be 
done locally on your machine via the commands in the Dockerfile.

As this setup stabilises, I will merge the TROVE links currently held in 
mirage-www with this version (which uses OPAM package names rather than 
repositories, which is more useful I think).

Thanks to everyone who has been hard at work porting libraries to mirage-dev in 
the release effort so far, and in particular to Hannes Menhert, Mindy Preston, 
Martin Lucina, Dave Scott and Thomas Gazagnaire who have all been steadily 
submitting "master branch" ports to mirage-dev to keep it building and stable 
as we merge the API changes required for MirageOS3.

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