On 18 Oct 2016, at 16:01, Nick Betteridge <lists.nick.betteri...@gmail.com> 
> It would be great, a little later down the road, if we could set up a
> repository, like Solo5, where we can both learn and contribute to
> anything hardware related - in the form of both snippets and demonstrators.
> The future is looking rosy :-)

Absolutely - it's clear from the earlier thread on ARM that hardware
continues to be fragmented, and build systems continue to be confusing
with respect to getting bootable images.

I think we can make real progress on that from the Mirage perspective --
we have excellent Linux/FreeBSD native compilation now with OPAM,
a combination of Dockerised build tools to unlock a good Mac/Win dev
experience, and just need a port of Solo5 to ARM to complete the nice
process management story that is emerging on x86.

A repository for ARM + Mirage experiences / templates would be very
useful indeed, if someone is willing to step up to curate it a little.  How to
do CI on something that involves hardware is a little dicey -- perhaps we
need a mechanical turk CI that prods people to update an issue when they
find a hardware combination that works? :-)  An example of this in the wild
is https://github.com/ayeks/SGX-hardware, to locate SGX-capable hardware.


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