I'm now wondering: what was the rationale for having `mirage describe`
vs `mirage help` at all?
Maybe it would be better to incorporate the tty-output options of
`describe` into the `help` output, and have `mirage describe` only
produce the `--dot` output using the cached result of `mirage
configure` if available, or not if not?

"mirage help" describes the tool. In particular, it works without a config file.

"mirage describe" describes the unikernel. It only works with a config file.

We must be careful about error modes without/without a config file: they are already quite a nightmare currently, and I'm a bit wary of merging these two commands, as it'll only make things worse.

Making --eval when the unikernel has already been configured sounds fine to me, as long as we get the opposite option. :)

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