On 02/02/2018 18:17, Mindy Preston wrote:
On 02/02/18 06:32, JIM Yuan wrote:

I installed Xen on Ubuntu 16.04 Server, which runs as a VM in VirtualBox 5.2.6 on macOS.

I think nested virtualization (running Xen within another hypervisor) is not very well supported (perhaps someone more familiar with the current state of nested virt in Xen can comment more?), and I'm not surprised that there are problems with a unikernel that tries to use network resources there.  I would recommend trying with a hypervisor running directly on hardware, not virtualized itself.

FWIW that used to work, at least for me. I will admit to not having done it recently though, so perhaps somewhere in changes to OSX, Virtualbox, Xen and Mirage over the last year or two, things have changed.

Richard Mortier

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