I have problem described in https://github.com/mirage/mirage-skeleton/issues/2511. Addition of trivial C code work when compiling mirageOS for unix platform, but crashes when compiled and run as Xen VM. Example C code:

|void read_int_real(int aa) {
 asm(""); // will prevent optimization (e.g. removing whole function)?
 aa = aa*2;

CAMLprim value read_int(value aa) {
} |

Called as in

|external read_int : int -> unit = "read_int"
let bb = (read_int aa; 33) in ... |

Any hint what is the cause?
Complete example is at https://github.com/justinc1/mirage-skeleton/tree/jc-crash-issue-251, commit 1da971caae5295d47588b6dc9637e68e2b0c7f89.

Also, if someone can point me at how to direct "mirage configure -t xen, make depends" to include additional C files.

BR and thank you

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