>The following patch makes some corrections to mksh.1:

thanks… those are mostly typos, and I’m embarrassed by the amount of

>prefices -> prefixes

I do like my Latin and wanted to write præficēs, mind you ☺

>parametres -> parameters

British English, as far as I’m informed.

>subtile -> subtle
>same-numer -> same-number

Definitely, yes. There shines through me being a stupid German.

>(The use of 'derivates' in the 'AUTHORS' section is, IMHO, pushing it. I
>really think it should be 'derivatives', but upon such quibbles have wars

I’ll have a look at it, you’re probably correct.

>been fought. The use of the word 'arithmetics' makes me wonder.)

That’s likely to be jargon, but I’ll double-check it.

Thanks for pointing those out,
17:57 < jtsn> Der 25C3 ist lustig. Deutsche Vortragende brechen sich vor
deutschen Zuhörern auf Englisch einen ab. ;-)  18:01 < jtsn> Adolfs Werk
war sehr nachhaltig. ;-)    18:01 < jtsn> Das gab's nichtmal in der DDR,
das Deutsche mit Deutschen auf Russisch reden. ;-)          (10x cnuke@)

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