Hi Florian,

Am 14.05.2013 um 17:45 schrieb Florian Effenberger <flo...@gmail.com>:
> [...]
> Over the years, we have been compiling a hand full of bugfixes, mostly
> in terms of documentation, and right now are moving our MirrorBrain
> host from Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04, where no official package exists and
> we use some workarounds to let it run.
> - Are there other active users out there who run MirrorBrain on recent
> Ubuntu versions and would like to get involved in providing packages
> and improvements?

I have gotten at least one request with interest for packaging on a recent 
Ubuntu version. Unfortunately, I didn't find any time to look into it :(

> - What's the proposed process of getting them upstream? Is there a
> repository one can get write access to, shall patches be sent in?

There is subversion repository, which lives on the host that also serves 
mirrorbrain.org, and write access is no problem. Of course, sending patches 
here makes it easy to look at them by anyone interested, but many changes don't 
need a discussion really, it depends. There is no procedure cast in stone. I 
think, just let me know and do it in whichever way works for you guys. Or if 
you want a different repository elsewhere, why not...

> Note that while I'm an infrastructure administrator, my development
> skills tend to zero - luckily we have a few Python hackers in our team
> who contribute a lot.
> I know Peter has been quite busy over the last months, but maybe with
> some joined forces we can support him a bit. :-)

That would be nice :)

One big step forward with regard to availability of packaged binaries would be 
to start packaging MirrorBrain upstream on Debian / Ubuntu. It would be really 
great to have somebody with experience in this regard. 

There are probably some things in MirrorBrain that could be improved to make 
packaging easier (Makefiles, for instance) - to make it easier for upstream 
people. I guess, MirrorBrain is not exactly easy to package right now.

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