I'm currently trying to setup mirrorbrain on my openSUSE 12.3 test
instance - and wondering if anyone (hrm: Peter?) likes to help fixing
the failed/broken packages in the Apache:MirrorBrain repository on
https://build.opensuse.org/ ?

= MirrorPinky =

We hopefully can start working on "MirrorPinky" this week: A web
frontend for the mirrors in the mirrorbrain database to allow the
mirror admins to manage their entries themself.

The code should end up here: https://github.com/openSUSE/mirrorpinky

We might extend the current database structure (at least with some
additional tables for the user <-> group <-> mirror relationship) for
the WebUI. I hope that's acceptable?

Forks / Patches / Help are always welcome. I guess it might take some
time until we have something to show, but the final goal is hopefully
clear. Otherwise: I'm here to answer your questions :-)

With kind regards,

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