2014/1/22 Peter Pöml <pe...@poeml.de>:

> I decided to visit FOSDEM in Brussels (on the first February weekend).
> I'm looking forward to meet you if you go there, too!
> So who'll be there?

cool to hear that, looking forward to seeing you again! I'm at FOSDEM
from Friday evening to Tuesday noon (as we have a LibreOffice hackfest
afterwards). I'll be mostly at the LibreOffice booth, I guess. :-)

> Other than meeting at the university (I'll be there from Saturday early
> afternoon to Sunday afternoon), I think that I would like to organize a
> "MirrorBrain Dinner"! Saturday evening would make sense, right? Unless
> you have too many other obligations already.

I'd love to join, but I have no idea when our team dinner is -
tentatively on Saturday. If I have time I'll join, of course!


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