I felt that some rejuvenation was due, and imported the Subversion
source tree of MirrorBrain to github. I didn't do anything with it yet,
but feel free to start working with it there:

And just now, I migrated all issues from the issue tracker on mirrorbrain.org to
github's issue tracker. I never quite got warm with the Roundup tracker,
and nowadays there are much better alternatives, that I don't even need
to host on my own... When I began MirrorBrain there was no git... I hope
to learn it soon.

I managed to create issues with the same numbers, apart from the first
40 or so where I hadn't realized yet that it's so easy to do. I used a
semi-automatic approach, and didn't check all the bugs so far. I hope
they are not too garbled.

So, looking forward to fresh wind :-)


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