On Tue, 19 Apr 2016 09:18:02 +0200 Per Jessen wrote:
> On http://download.opensuse.org, when accessing from an ipv6 client I
> frequently get mirrors handed out that are not accessible over ipv6. 
> Is this an oversight or expected behaviour?  

I guess the reason is that the scanner uses only what is entered in the
"baseurl*" fields. If there is just an IPv4 address, there will be no
scan on IPv6. 
If there is a DNS entry, it heavily depends on the mirrors if they
provide an AAAA record.

...and in general it depends if the scanner has IPv6 support (which is
true for the scanner on download.opensuse.org).

So the openSUSE Admins might check their "baseurl*" fields to contain
only DNS names or add new entries for servers providing IPv6 - but the
main problem might be that there is no explicit differentiation between
IPv4 and IPv6 check/scans in mirrorbrain/mirrorprobe.

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