I would like to add my contribute to Open MPI project, which I found
interesting as I am an open source developer by myself: I would like to
become a new UK mirror for Open MPI.

I have just downloaded and set up synchronization for on, and I just tested it. Synchronization will
be daily, and I currently have plenties of bandwidth to offer (min.

The only problem I have found is the following:

symlink has no referent: "community/lists/orcm-bugs" (in ompi_web)

symlink has no referent: "community/lists/orcm-svn" (in ompi_web)

rsync: opendir "software/otpo" (in ompi_web) failed: Permission denied (13)

rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors)
(code 23) at main.c(1520) [generator=3.0.7]

But, for the rest, the 1.6GB archive is consistent and working. Also, the
"fancy <> " page works fine as you
can verify.

Time for answering the "great four questions":

1.       Tagline: ""

2.       Server location: London (useless to say it's in the UK J, while I'm
from Italy)

3.       Mirror URL: again., aliased by

4.       Server hostname: Actually, for management
reasons, the DNS are mapped to since the server has
several IP addresses. But the server's canonical name is

As I said, I have plenties of paid-and-not-used bandwidth to offer today.
Feel free to drain a couple of monthly gigabytes. Server bandwidth should be


Antonio Anzivino

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