Hi Jeff,

this a good idea. Just tell us how we can edit the tagline / file when your finished with adding that "something" :)

Cheers Sascha

Am 31.01.2011 14:13, schrieb Jeff Squyres:
I've noticed that a few of you have added extra footer taglines at the bottom 
of each page on your mirror.

I have no problem with this at all; you guys are doing us a favor, after all, 
so getting a little more mention/credit than a flag and a single tagline is 
perfectly acceptable.

My question is: do you want me to add something to the upstream PHP to make 
adding these taglines a little easier?  E.g., if some file is present, 
include() it below the OMPI footer?  This might make it a little easier by 
removing the need to patch the upstream PHP, and/or prevent potential future 
conflicts with your patches.

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