Hi Jeff,

I just checked the new mirror for Union Jack but I still see the jolly
roger. I checked local mail and verified that the update script was ran
successfully every day.

I did a manual synchronization (and this time I got no error), when_mirrored
file was correctly set for tonight's time, but I still see the jolly roger.

I did a check and found that we didn't have to put "marcus.zighinetto.org"
as server name, because my PHP is someway "smart enough" to use the Apache's
ServerName directive rather than the hostname, so that's why I told you in
my first mail to use marcus.zighinetto.org. Currently, you can see the Union
Jack because I manually edited mirrors.txt to test: in a couple of hours it
will be surely reverted to the correct version.

Replacing marcus.zighinetto.org with open-mpi.zighinetto.org fixes the

Thank you,


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