Heads up: the SSL certificates on www.open-mpi.org and svn.open-mpi.org will be 
changing soon (sometime this week; exact time/date TBD).

I'm told that these new SSL certificates should no longer require the Indiana 
University Computer Science CA certificate -- they should be accepted by all 
major browsers without complaint.  They will also use a stronger crypto 
algorithm (recent versions of Chrome complain about the algorithm used in the 
current certificates).

*** Your browser probably won't display anything different to you.
*** The svn client may warn you that the https/SSL fingerprints have changed.

The new SSL fingerprints will be:


SHA1: 9C:7F:F3:30:3C:25:98:E5:09:00:D5:35:6D:DC:A9:71:05:3C:D4:91
MD5:  AD:95:9B:DD:90:C1:4F:F7:5B:5A:BF:47:C9:AB:47:90


SHA1: 4D:5D:1E:9C:67:B0:D0:92:90:4E:8B:52:2A:39:81:74:94:48:5B:FC
MD5:  1B:34:D7:1C:5E:A9:2B:25:A3:4A:3C:6D:5C:DA:01:71

Jeff Squyres
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