And so it ends.

It is now July 1, 2018: it is time to bid the Open MPI web mirroring program 

Again, I'd like to express my deep gratitude and thanks to all of you who 
helped out the Open MPI project by hosting a mirror.  That took time and money 
over the years, and you made the world just of a little bit better by doing so.


> On May 15, 2018, at 6:30 PM, Jeff Squyres (jsquyres) <> 
> wrote:
> Open MPI mirrors --
> First, I want to thank all of you for the time, resources, and money that you 
> have put into hosting an Open MPI mirror web site.  Your contribution to the 
> Open MPI community was greatly, deeply appreciated.  THANK YOU!!
> But as the first paragraph implies, it is time for the Open MPI web mirrors 
> program to end.
> When the Open MPI project started, the internet was much more limited than it 
> is today: there were many places throughout the world that did not have good 
> access to the main Open MPI web site at the University of Indiana in 
> Bloomington, IN, USA.  It made sense to physically mirror the Open MPI web 
> site and software packages around the world so that people could download 
> from a "nearby" site to obtain the large tarballs faster and/or cheaper.
> However, this is no longer the case -- the internet is more ubiquitous than 
> ever.  Indeed, mirroring technology has gotten significantly more 
> sophisticated.  Case in point: the Open MPI software downloads have moved in 
> to the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network (CDN).  This will 
> effectively provide silent, behind the scenes mirroring -- users will click 
> to download from, but they'll end up streaming from a 
> "nearby" site.
> This means that it is time for the Open MPI program to end.
> Here's the specifics:
> 1. Earlier today, we rolled out PHP changes to the Open MPI web site to 
> download all software packages from Amazon S3 / CloudFront 
> (
>   1a. You are welcome to keep operating your mirror, ***but you will need a 
> modern version of PHP running on your Open MPI mirror***.  If you do not have 
> a modern version of PHP, download links will fail.
> 2. If you plan to take your mirror offline, please let me know so that I can 
> remove it from
> 3. The Open MPI mirrors program will officially end on June 30, 2018.  After 
> this date:
>   3a. All mirrors will receive the Jolly Roger flag in the footer indicating 
> that they are an unofficial mirror of the Open MPI web site.
>   3b. We will no longer take care to ensure that the PHP changes we make on 
> our web site are "mirror friendly" (i.e., that they will work properly on 
> both the main Open MPI web site and mirror web sites).
>   3c. All mirrors-related pages will disappear from the Open MPI web site 
> (i.e., everything under
> 4. We will shut down this mailing list.
> The Open MPI web site PHP code will likely still remain at 
> and you're free to keep hosting if you wish.  We 
> ask that you either maintain the default footer or have some other indication 
> on your mirror that you are now an unofficial mirror of the main Open MPI web 
> site.  Be aware that if you continue to update from 
>, service may degrade over time.
> All of the above being said, if you made it down to the end of this mail:
> a) Thanks for reading!
> b) As of today (15 May 2018), we have 3 mirrors definitely still operating 
> (although one of them is *years* out of date), and possibly a 4th (the China 
> mirror has never been accessible outside of China, so I can't tell if it's 
> still operating or not).
> c) The maintainers of those 4 mirrors should contact me off-list; I'd like to 
> snail mail you a token of our appreciation for being with us until the end.
> Thank you all!
> -- 
> Jeff Squyres

Jeff Squyres

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