On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 7:36 PM, Andres Perera <andre...@zoho.com> wrote:

> why would you install a daemon and not run it? how is it any different
> than X listening on localhost by default in obsd? if you install a
> daemon in debian/ubuntu and it listens on by default, the
> package isn't following distro policy

Why would you start a daemon before you have had a chance to
configure it for your environment?  Is it really that hard to run
update-rc.d after you edit a config file?

OpenBSD asks if X should run by default when you install the system.
On top of that, the default firewall rules explicitly block traffic to X.
It's quite different in fact.

Policy?  Well thank heavens for that...I guess I should run Ubuntu on
all of my critical infrastructure...their policy will protect me.

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