Hello everyone!

I'm trying to run rather old 32-bit Sony Vaio with 5.4 fresh install.
Its chassis says

and dmesg
bios0: Sony Corporation VGN-FS515B

Anyway. If I have APM enabled iwi0 doesn't work. On the other hand if I disable apm from UKC I get thermal shutdown but iwi works. And that machine isn't hot. It's on my lap.

Is it possible to configure thermal shutdown off without recompiling kernel or will this information help to add more apm tricks to next release?

This data is collected with

mkdir $SYS; cd $SYS
acpidump -o $SYS > $SYS.aml
dmesg > $SYS.dmesg
cd ..;tar czf $SYS.tgz $SYS


Best regards,
Hannu Vuolasaho

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