> Hi. I've just realized that my laptop has the same chip. Do you have any 
> updates? Maybe I can help somehow? Thanks

I've spended a lot of time but some day a gave up. Now I have a Dell E6540 
where really everything works (sincere thanx to all developers!), so I think I 
leave the other laptop unused (it has another problem--with the current gfx 
driver the C70 GPU gets near to 100 degree celsius).

There is a working driver for FreeBSD. Initially I thought I could port it, but 
it is very FreeBSD dependent. Then I tried to extend the athn by looking at the 
FreeBSD code. Maybe the better way--since if you want to distribute it it has 
to have OpenBSD quality anyway. But if you look at the amount of code of this 
driver you see that it's a lot of work to do.

There is also a driver for Linux, but one could assume that there would be more 
work to do than using the FreeBSD code.

With my current time budget I can do testing and small code changes but real 
development I can't do in the near future, unfortunately.


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