On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 12:05:24AM GMT, openda...@hushmail.com wrote:

> Indeed, `daemon_flags="YES"` wouldn't make any sense at all. What I'd
> like to see is:
>     ntpd_enable="YES"
>     ntpd_flags="-s"
> Considering we're talking about two different things here (one for
> enabling it and one for configuring it), one could argue that this
> would be more in line with the core Unix philosophy (1) of "doing one
> thing and doing it well".

Or you can just learn that ${daemon_flags} does both - enables/disables
the daemon in question and sets its flags (if any).

And you saved yourself from having to memorise and type yet another
variables every time for daemons which (sometimes) might require flags.


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