On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 12:17:09AM GMT, Joel Rees wrote:

> I half-sympathize with his concerns. It _seems_ nice to have the
> bundle of patch cables all connected and ready, and one switch
> separate from the patch cable bundle to actually turn the box on and
> patch it in.
> "Seems" being the operational word, and the issue of where one is
> looking for the switch being, perhaps, the missed point?

For me, personally, the switch is '#', or lack thereof, in front of
'daemon_flags' :^)

One character instead of 'daemon_enable=YES/NO' seems pretty good to me.

The only use case I can think of where that wouldn't work is having the
daemon disabled at boot and still being able to start it "by hand" with
custom flags later on. If you do require that kind of functionality,
however, then '/etc/rc.conf{.local}' is not the right place to do that,
IMVHO (hint is in the 'rc') and there are plethora of other ways this
can be achieved.



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