Lampshade writes:
> Is it possible, in theory, to use pledge(2) to make something similar to fire
> jail?
> Firejail is a Gnu/Linux's program which executes Firefox as it's descendant
> with reduced privilages.
> For example I would like to restrict Firefox to not write and read to directo
> ry
> outside /home/firefox directory. Let's assume that I run firefox as another u
> ser than
> my normal account. I would restrict, using traditional Unix privilages, Firef
> ox
> and all its descendants, logging as another user to regain privilages to
> for example to /home/open. I imagine that would still leave huge attack vecto
> r
> to pown system and/or sniff password, but I think it is better than nothing.

After the recent Firefox pdf.js exploit (where malicious PDFs on an ad
server were reading files under ~, including ssh keys), I started
running Firefox as its own user, and tightened the permissions on my
home directory so Firefox can't access it.

There's a large class of attacks this doesn't help against (anything
that uses X to access keystrokes or similar) but it stops a large set of
potential Firefox exploits right away with nothing but Unix filesystem

Anthony J. Bentley

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