On Sat, Nov 28, 2015 at 06:09:45PM -0500, Alan Corey wrote:
> More of my running out of BIOS-accessible space saga.
> My Linux partitions with a few gigs of Android development stuff are
> intact on my laptop, I just need to rearrange the boot partition (I
> think).  I've got empty partitions set aside for installing Linux on
> my desktop machine.  Can I do a dump from OpenBSD over my lan to a
> Linux restore (I've now got an Arch Linux live cd)?  Or should I do
> the restore to OpenBSD on the desktop writing to the Linux partitions?
>  I don't know about permissions and ownerships of files, specifically.

The BSD utilities dump/restore are very file system specific so I would not
use a dump file from e.g OpenBSD to restore to e.g FreeBSD.  I was almost
sure that dump/restore did not exist on Linux...

If you want to keep all properties of filesystem objects dump/restore is
the way to go, but you should only use dump and restore on the same
filesystem type.  Of course you can store the dump file anywhere inbetween.

The tools tar/cpio/pax all have rather standard archive formats that are
fairly portable between Unix filesystems.  There are ugly details though
e.g how long filenames are handled for some tar vs. gtar archive formats,
and also in how some tools handle extended attributes.

/ Raimo Niskanen

> I set that up differently.  I used 2 cylinders to make a grub-only
> partition at the start of the Linux space.  I'm hoping to load grub as
> an option from the XP bootloader then having it boot Debian and
> probably Arch.  If I get it working I'll set my laptop up the same way
> and clone it back.  I could use rsync or make tarballs but I think
> dump/restore is probably best.
> Oh, the grub in ports/sysutils seems to be the original, not grub2
> which development has also stopped on.  The original got to be too
> patched together, so grub2 is a complete rewrite.  stage1 and stage2
> is old stuff.  A Grub partition needs to be at least 12 megs.
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