Many thanks. I knew it was man paged / documented somewhere, just
couldn't find it.

Reason for asking?

I have a USB 3.0 device attached to a Chromebook Pixel 2015, and on
booting, SeaBIOS is recognising the same single USB drive twice, as
hd1+* and hd2*.

hd0 is the soldered SSD.

...Looks like two separate issues are occurring - the Philips drive is
being detected as both a high speed device and as a super speed
device.  I need a log with CONFIG_DEBUG_LEVEL=5 to diagnose that...



On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 6:54 PM, Ted Unangst <> wrote:
> edward wandasiewicz wrote:
>> If I have the following showing after a probe during biosboot
>> disk: hd0+ hd1+* h2*
>> What is the meaning of '+', '+*' and '*' next to each disk?
> + means big disk support.
> * means no openbsd disklabel. probably not the openbsd disk.

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