On 2015-11-30 20:52, Krzysztof Strzeszewski wrote:
whats wrong?:

httpd: could not parse macro definition SSL
httpd[21336]: server_tls_init: failed to configure TLS - failed to read
private key: Operation not supported by device

Krzysztof Strzeszewski
Hey Krzysztof,

Two reasons why you did not receive much feedback on this.
- You did not supply OpenBSD version (uname -a) so we can't replicate with same version.
- You did not provide httpd.conf(8) so we can't replicate your exact setup.

A key to good free online OpenBSD support is to; "Always provide as much information as possible. Try to pin-point the exact problem. Give clear instructions on how to reproduce the problem. Try to describe the problem with as much accuracy and non-confusing terminology as possible, especially if it is not easy to reproduce." // http://www.openbsd.org/report.html

Continue to fail this and the world will just lead to sadness and despair.


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