On Mar 16 20:58:59, alan01...@gmail.com wrote:
> I don't have enough room in / to have my htdocs there so I want to
> move it to /usr/htdocs. This is in 5.7.   No problem I thought, I've
> had to do it before.  So my /etc/httpd.conf looks like this:
> chroot "/usr/htdocs"

Why din't you use he standard /var/www?

> And I get logging into /usr/htdocs/logs but httpd doesn''t seem to
> find files in /usr/htdocs.

What is your "root" directive for the server?
Remember, it's relative to the chroot.

> I get a 404 error that says OpenBSD httpd
> in it but it can't find even index.html which does exist.  I've played
> with htdocs vs htdocs/.  If I comment out the chroot line it finds
> files in /var/www/htdocs.  My /usr is in a different MBR partition
> (actually an exended one) with 129 gigs free.

You might be better off having /usr hold your /usr,
and have a biug separate /var/www for your web content.
Then you can leave httpd chroot the default.

> Anybody tried to move their htdocs?  I didn't find anything by
> searching.  I wouldn't want to write something and put it out there
> for everybody to beat on.  I did read the PDF and man pages.
> Also I found that if I set httpd_flags to "-d -v" in
> /etc/rc.conf.local then booting  the machine seems to hang there.

Without -d, the httpd deamonizes into the background,
and the boot goes on. With -d, it stays running in the
foreground; only after you kill it, the boot will go on.


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