We are using OpenBSD 3.8 as a firewall/router. We have two internal nets; one with workstations (NAT) and one DMZ with a single server. And thus we have three network interfaces installed in the router: one for the NAT, one for the DMZ and one for the external net.

Our ISP has given us a range of IP adresses (the ones below are obfuscated ;)):

Segment: /28 net address:
gateway adress:
fria fasta ip:
broadcast address:

I have set up the DMZ with
net adress


To ensure that routing worked properly I just entered pass (and nat of course) in the /etc/pf.conf file. I have no trouble connecting to the server at from the internal net where nat-addresses are used, but for some reason I cant connect to the server from the outside. I thought it was a routing problem but when I entered a port redirect from the gateway

( to the server at for the ssh port I reached the server. I haven't got a clue whats wrong. Can anybody help to explain this or have an idea of a workaround (I dont want the port
redirect)? Thanks in advance.


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