i found your link and thought you might be able to help me ive been trying to 
make a bootable iso that if i load it to a flash drive using yumi or xboot or 
even burn to a disk it will load so far ive tried magic iso power iso ultra iso 
win iso img burn free iso creator win32 disk imager easy bcd burn aware bootcd 
from hirens boot cd these are the files im using autoexec.bat bootable 1.44 
image command.com txt file and a exe file ive tried all kinds of different ways 
with every program to put this together and make the boot image so far and i 
get missing mbr ntldr or a blank screen and all i want to do is make it load 
when i hit the f12 key i can select the cd rom and it will load to the license 
agreement when the autoexec launches or if i put it 
on a flash drive using yumi or xboot can you help with this what would i need 
to put this together so it will boot to the eae file so i can run the program 
any links videos or names of software to try or step by step how to would be 

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