On 15 September 2016 at 16:53, Christoph R. Murauer <n...@nawi.is> wrote:
> I tried today to upgrade a snapshot from September 4 (using FDE) to a
> snapshot from September 15 and, got a error message like (text was not
> copied) can't unmount /mnt device busy unable to unmount sd2a

I have the same problem, but this is going from 13th of September to
16th of September:

Welcome to the OpenBSD/i386 6.0 installation program.
(I)nstall, (U)pgrade, (A)utoinstall or (S)hell? u
At any prompt except password prompts you can escape to a shell by
typing '!'. Default answers are shown in []'s and are selected by
pressing RETURN.  You can exit this program at any time by pressing
Control-C, but this can leave your system in an inconsistent state.

Terminal type? [vt220]
Available disks are: wd0.
Which disk is the root disk? ('?' for details) [wd0]
Checking root filesystem (fsck -fp /dev/wd0a)...OK.
Mounting root filesystem (mount -o ro /dev/wd0a /mnt)...OK.
bge0: no link ........... sleeping
DHCPDISCOVER on wpi0 - interval 1
DHCPOFFER from (6c:b0:ce:59:cf:bb)
DHCPREQUEST on wpi0 to
DHCPACK from (6c:b0:ce:59:cf:bb)
bound to -- renewal in 1800 seconds.
Force checking of clean non-root filesystems? [no]
fsck -p 9094ef8d3c9a35a0.k...OK.
fsck -p 9094ef8d3c9a35a0.d...OK.
fsck -p 9094ef8d3c9a35a0.f...OK.
fsck -p 9094ef8d3c9a35a0.g...OK.
fsck -p 9094ef8d3c9a35a0.h...OK.
fsck -p 9094ef8d3c9a35a0.j...OK.
fsck -p 9094ef8d3c9a35a0.i...OK.
fsck -p 9094ef8d3c9a35a0.e...OK.
umount: /mnt: Device busy
Can't umount wd0a!

I don't know the source code well enough to start looking for changes.
Who can give me a hint?

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