This may be obvious to some, but I just wanted to take some time to say
thanks for the 6.0 release and all previous one. So many improvements in
the last few releases, it is really more fun to use at each new one!

Some features as simple as the auto partitioning configurable, makes
maintenance and re-install from scratch for each new release so simple
and quick.

I only took this as an example, but don't take it as being the key
feature, so many new things and improvement makes it FUN and EASY to use.

And when you run your business with OpenBSD any new things that improve
speed, setup time, security, reliability and all and that's a sadly very
simplistic list to be honest! I just wanted to take the time to say

Sadly way to many troll comments, or complains on the list and
definitely WAY TO LITTLE IF ANY thank you.

Each new release you guys make the OS better and life of working with
servers easier, faster and more secure each time!

On a side note I fell sad to see my collection of DVD/CD end with 6.0 if
that's the end looks like by some comments, but know some of us
appreciate all the hard work and time put into making this OS the best
one and easiest to use!

Long live Puffy!

Thanks again!



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