I attached the file you request. Although i dont think  the problem is
the file.
Before "case $DEVCLASS in" i put a line of code echo "test" >/tmp/test
to see if the file was executed when i entered a cd. Nothing happened
when i enter a cd.
But when i entered my usb stick the file was created.
It seems to me that hotplugd doesnt call attach when you enter a cdrom

ps.I would prefer to use attach to mount my cd although if that isnt
possible if you have any other ideas it would be nice to know.

On 9/17/16, Stephane HUC "PengouinPdt" <b...@stephane-huc.net> wrote:
> Hi, George
> Please send your config file /etc/hotplug/attach.
> On 09/17/16 18:34, George Pediaditis wrote:
>> Hello.
>> I am trying to mount CD automatically when i insert it.
>> Hotplugd doesn't run /etc/hotplug/attach when i insert the CD.
>> It works fine with USB stick any ideas?
>> Thanks
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