Just picked up a typo in in the
errata file.  While there is a patch below, it will need to be re-issued
with an updated signify signature.


--- 006_iked.patch.sig.orig     Sun Sep 18 12:05:38 2016
+++ 006_iked.patch.sig  Sun Sep 18 12:05:56 2016
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ During parsing of the iked(8) configuration, a variabl
 mistake, disabling Pre-Shared key authentication.

 Apply by doing:
-    signify -Vep /etc/signify/openbsd-60-base.pub -x 005_iked.patch.sig \
+    signify -Vep /etc/signify/openbsd-60-base.pub -x 006_iked.patch.sig \
         -m - | (cd /usr/src && patch -p0)

 And then rebuild and install iked:

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