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> This is current/i386 on an ALIX.1E (demsg below).
> I have an USB disk connected for /backup.
> Upon every reboot, the filesystem on that disk is dirty:
> WARNING: R/W mount of /backup denied.  Filesystem is not clean - run fsck

I saw something similar on an APU where the root disk was on
(USB-attached) sdcard:

It seems to be a race.  There used to be a 4sec pause in the kernel
that was removed:

Remove 4 second delay on reboot/shutdown that was added 8 years
ago to "workaround MP timeout/splhigh/scsi race at reboot time".

> It seems that it does not get properly umounted when shutting down.
> I added 'umount /backup' to my rc.shutdown and that works around it.
> However, what could be causing this?

I suspect your addition to the shutdown script makes the unmount early
enough that it has time to complete whatever operation it's trying to

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