I have recently installed OpenBSD for the first time on some hardware I
would like to use now as an OpenBSD workstation (motherboard Asus P6T
deluxe, processor Intel i7 920, I bought it ~10 years ago)

Install worked fine :)

But I didn't manage to configure Xorg and change my display resolution
because I am running an Nvidia 660 GTX and I read Nvidia video cards are
not very well supported by OpenBSD (because of their own policies on driver

I searched on the documentation but didn't found a list with recommended
video cards for OpenBSD, except avoiding Nvidia ones. I would like to buy a
new video card (with some preference for a passive cooling model) but I
don't know what to choose, so your assistance / advice here would be
greatly appreciated.

If I can run OpenBSD 6.0 with success on a new video card, it would be my
pleasure to buy you in the future CD distributions and to make donations to
support your work, as I have huge respect for your awesome distribution and
am also very worried about NSA global surveillance rise, showing no respect
on basic privacy rights...

Long live MIT and Berkeley's great researchers on security computing !


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