Wed, 21 Sep 2016 11:31:43 +0200 Jean Louis <>
> Hello Anton,
> Thank you very much for your awesome help !
> I was aiming for a ~3000-7000 ATI Radeon video based on what I read on the
> Internet but you really helped me there to avoid wrong choices while
> buying. I feel grateful for your nice gesture, thanks again.
> Anyway as you said even if for some reason I might have troubles again to
> fix resolution, they are quite cheap so no worries !

Hi Jean Louis,

I began my work with modern computers 20+ years ago and over time have
been in difficulties mostly with the video cards, and their support in
the respective operating system.  Definitely this is the most critical
piece of the hardware specification to enable you to continue reliably
conveniently your exploration of the UNIX world OpenBSD carries truly.

My current ageing yet still fully functional desktop motherboard is an
old (unfortunate nForce4) SLI chipset with 2 PCIe slots, originally it
had an expensive at the time fanless nv(4) EN7600GT which ran fine yet
with no hardware acceleration (slow window redraws) it was no fun use.

I struggled years with the card until it started operating unreliably,
up to the point the computer would no longer boot.  The video card had
suffered electrolyte capacitors plague death, then I managed to repair
it and continued.  The years waiting were rewarded with an inexpensive
new Sapphire Radeon HD5450 which did work in the second PCIe slot.  It
is amazing this video card revived the ageing system and allowed me to
type this email message to you running on whopping 40 days uptime many
tasks to the limit of its mere 4GB RAM on the AMD FX-60 dual core CPU.

The only trouble I went with was to have to use the other PCIe slot to
boot up with the new video card in this about 10 year old system.  And
of course years of "less than excellent" experience with the original.

I feel almost obliged to spare the trouble for anyone looking for this
same information, the inexpensive new fanless low power video card for
continued use of their ageing or new low (running) cost PC's.  OpenBSD
has always helped me figure out which hardware provides the most usage
for the costs, with the certainty it can accomplish any task reliably.

As I said I use together a 27" monitor and a 17" with this 10 year old
system happily, and will continue as long as it can run reliably well,
given the ageing electrolyte capacitors on the main board.  With a new
system, I'd never pick anything before checking OpenBSD compliance for
it.  Certainly you will solve your video card needs with the nice tip.

Kind regards,

> If I manage to fix this first resolution issue in the future it will be my
> pleasure to support OpenBSD developpers in the future by buying you 6.1 or
> other products !
> Feels so great when you type "tcpdump -i yournetworkinterface" and you just
> see packets filtered :) so packet filter all the way !! I really like the
> OpenBSD philosophy on documentation, the idea that you improve yourself by
> learning progressively, that OpenBSD developpers do things that work or
> they avoid doing it and that they rely on the Internet to change this way.
> A great headlight into the night :)
> I can't wait to receive my new video card and discover Unix/BSD world :)
> Kind regards
> Le mercredi 21 septembre 2016, <> a écrit :
> > Tue, 20 Sep 2016 13:32:11 +0200 Jean Louis <>
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> I have recently installed OpenBSD for the first time on some hardware I
> >> would like to use now as an OpenBSD workstation (motherboard Asus P6T
> >> deluxe, processor Intel i7 920, I bought it ~10 years ago)
> >
> > Hi Jean Louis,
> >
> > I have found the passive (no fan, ~20W) single slot Radeon HD-5450 and
> > HD-6450 (PCI-E) work fine on a ~10 year-old motherboard of the similar
> > generations.  These video cards had to be put in the other PCI-E slot,
> > they successfully work with a 27" 2560x1440 (dual link DVI), and a 17"
> > 1280x1024 (VGA), simultaneously with no Xorg configuration file, lower
> > heat output, and low power usage capable of running fine on stock PSU.
> > You can buy them new inexpensive from various providers e.g. Sapphire.
> >
> > Kind regards,
> > Anton
> >
> >> Install worked fine :)
> >>
> >> But I didn't manage to configure Xorg and change my display
> >> resolution because I am running an Nvidia 660 GTX and I read
> >> Nvidia video cards are not very well supported by OpenBSD (because
> >> of their own policies on driver publication).
> >>
> >> I searched on the documentation but didn't found a list with
> >> recommended video cards for OpenBSD, except avoiding Nvidia ones.
> >> I would like to buy a new video card (with some preference for a
> >> passive cooling model) but I don't know what to choose, so your
> >> assistance / advice here would be greatly appreciated.
> >>
> >> If I can run OpenBSD 6.0 with success on a new video card, it
> >> would be my pleasure to buy you in the future CD distributions and
> >> to make donations to support your work, as I have huge respect for
> >> your awesome distribution and am also very worried about NSA
> >> global surveillance rise, showing no respect on basic privacy
> >> rights...
> >>
> >> Long live MIT and Berkeley's great researchers on security
> >> computing !
> >>
> >> Regards

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