> http://www.openbsd.org/faq/faq14.html#softraid
> basically full disk as p partition on each drive with the offset [64]
> and use the p partition as the RAID 1 and proceed as normal.

agree. the number 2104515 snuck in with a big diff and it appears to be
entirely random. changed it to be 64.

> Also, last question I see the example use a instead of p. I guess it
> doesn't make any differences as partition on each disks and the softraid
> have nothing in common? I thought that may be the partition on each
> drive and the RAID 1 had to be different based on the previous FAQ version.

no particular reason for choosing a over p, as far as i know

> Shouldn't the sd0 be sd2 as it used the raw version rsd2c in the last
> part of the text "...was created as sd0."?

yes, that's right. it used to be a softraid crypto volume on wd0 so it
attached as sd0, but it was recently changed to softraid on sd0 that
attached as sd2.

fixed these two things and hope i got all your questions.

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