Thu, 22 Sep 2016 09:53:43 +0300 Mihai Popescu <>
> Since the answer is done, I will dare to ask something in this thread:
> are there some hints in choosing over Intel or AMD processors?
> I see many users do not comment that and I respect it. Sometimes, you
> can see phrases in threads like "happy to run AMD again", etc.
> Is there a preference over one manufacturer, even from the
> documentation point of view?
> On the video section, is AMD prefered over Intel integrated video solutions?
> Thank you.

Hi Mihai, misc@,

The simplest answer is, as always: it depends.  On many factors, mostly
what you want from the system as intended use, your budget, preference,
and of course, special considerations.  Like for example balancing your
machine farm, power usage, testing and live machines, re-purpose roles.
It also very much depends on the way you obtain the system whether it's
new and you hand pick each component, or you salvage it from retirement
or reuse some parts from other machines, or it's a refurbished laptop..

For me being on a very constrained budget for personal use, it's always
been efficiency towards cost of ownership and longevity of the hardware
but this may be a completely different story for you, even different in
work compared to personal use, and different between consecutive tasks.
For work I've always gone with ~even split, and special considerations.

I would be willing to provide much more details on hardware choice from
user point of view off list but I wouldn't insist details like CPU bugs
or deep engineering specifics in the public air.  I think this is being
avoided for the risk of creating more stir than useful productive talks
& furthermore, it may go completely off topic unrelated to OpenBSD use.

Yet, I too would like to back you up with this request for more special
details, as it's mostly interesting for me as well.  Thanks for asking!

P.S. If I was looking around for a laptop, I'd go for one that has both
internal Intel video, and discrete Radeon video card, for more options.
However, I am not interested in laptops any more since they became much
more expensive than a real desktop/server machine & much lower quality.

Looking forward to more interesting considerations for picking CPU/GPU.

Kind regards,

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