The market is finally being flooded with ARM64:s. And some of them are inexpensive.

I guess AllWinner A64/H64 will be the most ubiquitous one as the chip is/soon will be something like 5 USD.

Boards should be on the market for 15 USD this year I think. If you need SATA or PCIe the same figure is something like 150 USD. See a listing below.

What about running OpenBSD on these, do you have any idea when this should be possible?


* I suppose the AllWinner A64 (and the AllWinner H64 which is essentially the
   same chip) will be the very most popular.

One board is (15 USD for 512MB variant, 30 USD for
   2GB variant), released fairly soon. Another upcoming is "Nobel64".

   1x gigabit ethernet. No SATA. USB 2. No PCIe.

* Amlogic S905 is one that's actually on the market already. The Odroid C2 (40
   USD) deploys it, .
   Not sure how popular that one will be in the longer term though.

   1x gigabit ethernet. No SATA. USB 2. No PCIe.

 * The Snapdragon 600 (and 410) is on the market also, here's a board:
   , 150 USD.

   SATA. USB 2. PCIe. Ethernet.. by PCIe?

* Some more are Rockchip RK3368, Kirin 620, Marvell IAP140, Actions Semiconductor Actions
   S900, Samsung S5P6818.

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