Hiya Johan,

On Tue, 11 Oct 2016 23:50:20 +0200 Johan Mellberg wrote:
> There is something weird here that I don't quite see/understand so I
> very much appreciate the input so far. 

DNS is fun to run! 

The skilled OpenBSD devs have given us well set up separated daemons.

Paul, I & others have been successfully running both NSD & unbound
together on OpenBSD servers for several years, since BIND removal.

After various attempts, what we've independently found to work is:
*) both daemons listening on localhost
*) NSD on a nonstandard port (on localhost only)
*) unbound using both of these directives:
   *) do-not-query-localhost: no (which you have)
   *) local-zone: <zone> <type> (see unbound.conf(5))

Also see 'private-domain: <domain name>' in unbound.conf(5).

Perhaps you could get them working together this way too,
and then alter single settings to establish what breaks?

Craig Skinner | http://linkd.in/yGqkv7

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