I am using an Atheros AR9281 in a Soekris box with OpenBSD 5.9 as access point 
and I am quite disappointed with it. Often I get disconnected from the access 
point and all I can see on the OpenBSD side is tons of timeout messages in the 
kernel log such as:

athn0: device timeout

I hope for you that that the AR9280 chip does a better job.

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Subject: An AR9280 as an Access Point
Local Time: October 11, 2016 6:04 PM
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I'd asked a related question on the OpenBSD subreddit, and someone
pointed me here. Hope this is appropriate.

Does anyone know how good a WiFi Access Point I could make of the
Atheros AR9280 card (Compex-wle200nx) offered by the guys at PC Engines:

Thanks a lot!

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