On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 05:01:52PM -0400, mabi wrote:
> I am using an Atheros AR9281 in a Soekris box with OpenBSD 5.9 as access 
> point and I am quite disappointed with it. Often I get disconnected from the 
> access point and all I can see on the OpenBSD side is tons of timeout 
> messages in the kernel log such as:
> athn0: device timeout

This usually means the hardware is having trouble transmitting packets.

Upgrade to 6.0! It contains changes which affect your setup.
And try a different channel. And try 11a mode.
And if it's an old Soekris (pre-net5501) try more modern hardware.

Generally it would be nice to have much better AP support but that's not
High prio right now. We simply don't have enough devs who work on wifi.

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