Le 2016-10-13 20:16, SOUL_OF_ROOT 55 a écrit :
PC-BSD still uses Pootle? https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/44595/

Pootle translates well or sometimes translates incorrect?

Pootle translates better than Google Translator?

I uses Google Translator, but if is true that Pootle translates better than
Google Translator, I will try use Pootle. [image: Wink]

What is the opinion of Theo de Raadt about translation tools?

For example, about Pootle,  DocBook XML, Command-line tools like
*textproc/itstool* <http://www.freshports.org/textproc/itstool> might.


I've been using Pottle on PC-BSD to help to translate. I don't see
how you can compare it to Google Translator as Pottle is just a tool
for people which do the translation.

I think that you should write Theo a mail if you want his opinion.


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