On 13 Oct 2016, Ilya Kaliman wrote:

> I have a "Plugable USB 3.0 ethernet adapter" with ASIX AX88179
> chipset. The device is successfully recognized by axen(4) driver but
> behaves strangely. When I plug in the ethernet cable the ifconfig
> axen0 status says active and the leds start blinking. But after a
> second or two both leds turn off and status says: no carrier.
> Re-plugging the cable have no effect. Re-plugging the adapter itself
> brings it up again for a second or two.
> The device itself seems to be fine as it works in other OSes without
> problems. I suspect it has to do with OpenBSD driver.

I'm afraid that I can't offer any useful help but I can at least confirm
the problem: I also have one of these devices (actually, maybe a couple)
and see exactly the same issue with OpenBSD, at least with 5.9, I didn't
try since with 6.0. At the time I chatted to a competent-seeming vendor
guy and apparently they've seen the same problem at their end with
OpenBSD and have no idea what the issue is. So, at least I can say:
you're correct, it's probably indeed not just that you have a bad
adapter. I don't know if any developers might like to have one of these
mailed to them.

-- Mark

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