On 10/14/2016 03:35, Mark Carroll wrote:
On 13 Oct 2016, Ilya Kaliman wrote:

I have a "Plugable USB 3.0 ethernet adapter" with ASIX AX88179
chipset. The device is successfully recognized by axen(4) driver but
behaves strangely. When I plug in the ethernet cable the ifconfig
axen0 status says active and the leds start blinking. But after a
second or two both leds turn off and status says: no carrier.
Re-plugging the cable have no effect. Re-plugging the adapter itself
brings it up again for a second or two.

The device itself seems to be fine as it works in other OSes without
problems. I suspect it has to do with OpenBSD driver.

I'm afraid that I can't offer any useful help but I can at least confirm
the problem: I also have one of these devices (actually, maybe a couple)
and see exactly the same issue with OpenBSD, at least with 5.9, I didn't
try since with 6.0. At the time I chatted to a competent-seeming vendor
guy and apparently they've seen the same problem at their end with
OpenBSD and have no idea what the issue is. So, at least I can say:
you're correct, it's probably indeed not just that you have a bad
adapter. I don't know if any developers might like to have one of these
mailed to them.

-- Mark

I have this:
Oct 15 00:01:57 river /bsd: axe0 at uhub1
Oct 15 00:01:57 river /bsd: port 3 configuration 1 interface 0 "Belkin Components F5D5055" rev 2.00/0.01 addr 6
Oct 15 00:01:57 river /bsd: axe0: AX88178, address 00:22:75:d7:1c:6d
Oct 15 00:01:57 river /bsd: ukphy0 at axe0 phy 1: Generic IEEE 802.3u media interface, rev. 4: OUI 0x00a0bc, model 0x0001

which had similar symptoms under 5.8. It seems to be usable under 5.9

the FreeBSD driver definitely works. Porting it or adapting it without the data sheet looks difficult and comments in the FreeBSD driver say that there are undocumented problems. Haven't looked at Linux drivers. They have worked for several years.

One clue from looking at the drivers is that the physical interface number in the OpenBSD driver was fixed at 0 and it appears that other drivers searched for the active one.

geoff steckel

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