Well personally I don't think the matter concern me since I don't handle any 
But I would love to use power8 PC as a desktop or laptop with OpenBSD. (If that 
becomes a possibility in the future)
The main reason is security. I don't trust Intel close source firmware etc

On Oct 18, 2016 7:35 PM, Mikael <mikael.ml...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone, 
> I asked IBM to donate 4-10 Power8 servers to the OpenBSD Foundation, for 
> adding support for this arch. After 6 months this got all the way to their 
> Director of the Power(8) Ecosystem & Alliances, that is the highest 
> executive for the whole arch. Just right now, she's asking for a motivation 
> for IBM to donate - she asks: 
> "It would be helpful to know where you are seeing requests for OpenBSD on 
> Power and what applications on top of OpenBSD are being requested. We have 
> not seen any requests as of yet from our target clients. " 
> Can you please collect answers to this question and post them here in this 
> thread, or PM them to me. I'll forward your responses and they'll decide 
> whether to donate Power8 devices to OpenBSD, based on them. 
> ** Please tell the next 6-7 days! 
> Thanks! 
> Mikael 

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